Hong Kong, 1-2 April 2015. An IIAS roundtable on how to reimagine Asia in space and time. See also the IIAS website.

Day 1: Roundtable plus excursion.
Day 2: Roundtable plus public closing lecture.
Output: Research ideas for the immediate future, a network of Asian Artists

The Artistic Intervention Roundtable will gather a selected number of established and senior art practitioners, critics and academics of visual arts, cinema and literature who will collectively, through an interactive dialogical roundtable, explore ways in which the normative categorization of time and space in Asia can be deconstructed and approached in an alternative manner, paving the way for the exploration of new forms of knowledge and agency on and in Asia. Its primary aim is to establish an open, critical and creative dialogue between participants, and come up with boundary transgressing research questions for the immediate future. To generate an animated discussion the roundtable will bring together a large variety of disciplines/practices and include academics, artists and activists from America, Asia and Europe. The objective will be to develop a set of recommendations for alternative systems of learning and narrating Asia in space and time. These recommendations, in turn, will help to methodologically frame aspects of the November 2015 planned conference at Columbia University under the same program. To provide for an inspired and animated discussion, the roundtable will be held at an art space, Roundtable Venue: 1a Gallery or Videotage, Cattle Depot, Kowloon City, Hong Kong.

The roundtable will be convened by Prof. Jeroen de Kloet (UVA, Amsterdam), Dr. Viêt Lê (CCA, Los Angeles), Dr. Sadiah Boonstra (IIAS, Leiden) and Dr. Yiu Fai Chow (Hong Kong Baptist University).