China Is Creative! – Rethinking Creativity in a Globalized China

Symposium, University of Amsterdam, 29-31 August 2019 (Thurs-Sat)

Who is creative in China today? What does creativity mean in the context of China? And what do these creativities do in an increasingly globalizing China? Artists, activists and academics gather in this three-day symposium to share experiences and discuss possible creative futures. Over the last five years, ChinaCreative, a team of researchers affiliated to the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ACSA) of the University of Amsterdam and funded by the European Research Council (ERC), has attempted to understand claims of creativity in different cultural practices ranging from independent cinema, calligraphy, socially engaged art, fake art, queer dating apps and creative labour. Now, it is time to converse and contemplate together in a final symposium in Amsterdam. Artists, activists and academics will present their latest work, and discuss what creativity means for China, and what China means for creativity. In these three days,they will screen movies, practice new forms of calligraphy, share activist practices, and talk with us about what it means to be creative in China today, and what spaces are left for criticality. We welcome you to join our dialogue and the screenings at the University, and in the Cinema of the Dam’d at the Overtoom, the obscure cinema of Amsterdam.

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For registration and more information, please contact Laura Vermeeren at

Thursday location: Belle van Zuylen Room, Singel 421-427, Amsterdam

Friday and Saturday location:Cinema of the Dam’d, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam