Inverting Globalisation

The ACGS Inverting Globalisation conference will take place in Amsterdam on October 9-10.

Whereas David Harvey has famously interpreted globalisation as a process of time/space compression, multiple trends proliferating globally suggest that its functional effects include the rooted, the local and the slow. The Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies has developed four research programmes around the themes of mobility, sustainability, aesthetics and connectivity.
This conference probes the flip side of these themes, engaging with those aspects of globalisation that too often remain in the shadows or are seen as antithetical to it. We want to analyse the tensions and interactions between mobility and immobility, between sustainability and precarity, between glossy and dirty aesthetics, and between connection and disconnection—not to arrive at yet another set of binaries, but to show how these inverse processes are also intrinsic to globalisation. Taking them into account will make possible a fuller understanding of the uneven, often unexpected and not always obvious ways in which globalisation impacts the contemporary world.

Keynote speakers:
Fatma Müge Göcek (Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, University of Michigan, US)
Oliver Marchart (Professor of Sociology, Düsseldorf Art Academy, Germany)
Ellen Rutten (Professor of Slavonic Literature and Culture, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Ulises Mejias (Associate Professor of Communication Studies, State University of New York College at Oswego, US)

Download the conference programme booklet here.

Conference website is here.