Visiting professor at Beijing Film Academy

In the academic year 2015/2016 I am honoured to be a visiting professor at the renowned Beijing Film Academy. With the BFA, I will prepare joint research projects, organise a workshop in April and a conference in Beijing and give seminars and guest lectures.

To quote wikipedia on the alumni of the BFA:

For over 40 years, graduates of BFA have won national and international acclaim for their contributions to film and television. Their notable alumni include directors, producers, screenwriters, as well as actors and actresses. The majority of famous recent graduates are actors and actresses, as well as a few directors.

BFA’s older famous graduates mostly consist of fourth-generation, fifth-generation, and sixth-generation directors. The most well-known fourth-generation directors include Wu TianmingWu Yigong, Teng Wenji, and Zhang Nuanxin. The three best-known fifth-generation directors all graduated from BFA (Tian ZhuangzhuangChen Kaige, and Zhang Yimou). Other famous Chinese filmmakers include Xie Tian, Chen Qiang, Yu YangWu Yigong, Huang Shuqin, Wu TianmingXie FeiHu Mei, Zheng Dongtian, Ni Zhen, Ding Yinmeng, Li Qiankuan, Cao Cuifen, Huang Jianxin, and Wei Lian. Finally, notable sixth-generation directors include Jia ZhangkeWang Xiaoshuai, and Zhang Yuan.